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Estimating Cost of Attendance

Net Price Tuition Calculators Now Available!

The Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 requires every college or university that administers federal financial aid programs, which includes all the accredited Adventist colleges and universities, to provide a net price tuition calculator (NPC) on their website by October 29, 2011. The NPC is designed to help families of college-bound students better understand the real cost of attendance and make more accurate cost comparisons between schools.

The net price tuition calculator must include the following1:

  • Estimated price of attendance
  • Estimated tuition and fees
  • Estimated room and board
  • Estimated books and supplies
  • Estimated other expenses (such as transportation, personal expenses, etc.)
  • Estimated total grant aid
  • Estimated net price
  • Percent of the cohort (full-time, first-time students) that receive grant aid
  • Caveats and disclaimers, as indicated in the Higher Education Opportunity Act

1(Source: Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System)

The key to using the NPC is to remember it is only an estimator. While each college is required to include the above minimum information, some colleges will invite prospective students to submit additional information, such as GPA and/or test scores, and factor those into the estimated net price calculation. If grades or test scores go up or down, or family financial situations change, the estimated cost of attendance can change also.

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