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Loma Linda University Athletics

  • Flag football (M/F/co-rec), basketball (M/F/co-rec), softball (co-rec), volleyball (M/F/co-rec), nnertube water polo (co-rec), indoor soccer, full field soccer, dodgeball (co-rec), short-field soccer (F/co-rec), softball (M/co-rec), beach volleyball (M/co-rec), kickball (co-rec), badminton, tennis

Intercollegiate teams:

  • N/A
  • N/A
Athletic scholarships:
  • N/A
Facility highlights:
  • The Drayson Center—fitness center
  • Weight room
  • Two pools—one open year round
  • Three basketball courts
  • Tennis courts
  • Beach/sand volleyball courts
  • ½ mile soft track outside
  • 1/10 of a mile indoor track
  • Racquetball courts
  • Personal trainers
  • Soccer fields
  • Softball fields
  • Many miles of running and cycling trails near school