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Oakwood University, located on a beautiful campus in northern Alabama, continues to carry its high Christian values through an environment focused on the practical application of biblical principles to daily life. The University is committed to excellence in all forms, from student life to academics to community service. In addition, Oakwood is also dedicated to making a remarkable, quality education affordable for all of our students. Visit our campus or apply now free!



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Oakwood University student graduating
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Oakwood University Undergraduate Degrees and Majors

  • Accounting (BS)
  • Allied Health, Pre-Occupational Therapy
  • Allied Health, Pre-Physcial Therapy
  • Allied Health, Pre-Physician Assistant
  • Applied Mathematics (BS)
  • Art, Commercial Art (AS)
  • Art, Photography (AS)
  • Biblical Studies and Languages (BA)
  • Biochemistry (BS)
  • Biology (BS)
  • Biology Education (BS)
  • Biomedical Sciences (BS)
  • Business Administration, Health Care Administration (BBA)
  • Business Administration, Management (BBA)
  • Business Administration, Marketing (BBA)
  • Chemistry (BS)
  • Chemistry/Chemical Engineering (BS)
  • Child Development and Family Studies (BS)
  • Church Leadership (BS, LEAP/Adult Education)
  • Clinical Laboratory Sciences (BS)
  • Communication Media, Broadcast Journalism (BA)
  • Communication Media, Photo Journalism (BA)
  • Communication Media, Print Journalism (BA)
  • Communication, Communication Arts (BA)
  • Communication, Public Relations (BA)
  • Computer Networks (BA)
  • Computer Science (BS)
  • Dietetics (BS)
  • Elementary Education (BS)
  • English (BA)
  • English Language Arts Education (BS)
  • Finance (BS)
  • Fitness and Wellness (BS)
  • General Psychology (BS, Adult Education)
  • General Studies (BS, Adult Education)
  • General Studies (BS)
  • Health and Physical Education Teaching (BS)
  • Health Science (BS)
  • History (BA)
  • Information Technology (BS, Adult Education)
  • Interdisciplinary Study (BA)
  • International Studies (BA)
  • Management Information Systems (BS)
  • Math and Computer Science (BA)
  • Mathematics (BA/BS)
  • Mathematics Education (BS)
  • Medical Technology (BS)
  • Ministerial Theology (BA)
  • Music (BA)
  • Music Composition and Recording Arts (BM)
  • Music Education, Instrumental (BS)
  • Music Education, Vocal/Choral (BS)
  • Music, Vocal Performance and Pedagogy (BM)
  • Nursing (BS)
  • Nursing, RN Completion (BS)
  • Organizational Management (BS, Adult Education)
  • Pastoral Care and Pre-Chaplaincy (BA)
  • Political Science (BA)
  • Pre-Lang-Speech Pathology (AS)
  • Pre-Law Political Science (BA)
  • Psychology (BA)
  • Psychology (BS, Adult Education)
  • Psychology (BS)
  • Religious Education (BS)
  • Social Science Education (BS)
  • Social Work (BSW)
  • Spanish (BA)
  • Theology, Pastoral Studies (MA)
  • Theology, Religious Education (BS)

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  • Basketball (M/F)
  • Flag football (M/F)
  • Volleyball
  • Soccer
  • Softball (co-rec)

Ambassadors intercollegiate teams (sport, gender, league):

  • Basketball (M/F, USCAA)
  • Soccer (M/F, USCAA)
  • Volleyball (F, USCAA)


  • N/A

Athletic scholarships:

  • N/A

Sports and fitness facility highlights:

  • Ashby Auditorium (gym)
  • Natatorium
  • Millet Activity Center (skating rink) with racquetball courts

Located in Huntsville, Alabama, Oakwood University was founded in 1896 with the purpose of providing African Americans with Christian education. Today, it continues a legacy of high Christian values and an environment that focuses on a practical application of biblical principles to daily life. Oakwood University provides a variety of options for students to combine religious expression, personal spiritual growth and community service with their lives.

If you’re looking for a school that believes in excellence, you’re looking for Oakwood University.

  • Excellence in student life – Oakwood University has an abundance of activities for students to choose from, including spiritual, athletic, academic, artistic or just plain fun.
  • Excellence in academic programs – Oakwood University is proud to offer programs that rank with some of the best in the world, preparing students for their future careers.
  • Excellence in community service – Oakwood University is dedicated to providing students an outlet to show care and commitment to their community and their fellow men and women. From a radio ministry to The National Association for the Prevention of Starvation to numerous volunteer opportunities, life at here is not just about preparing you for your future; it’s about making the future better today.

Oakwood University affords its students a remarkable balance between quality of services rendered and cost. Academic excellence is offered without the student having to worry about paying an exorbitant price for tuition and living expenses.

You are invited to visit Oakwood University! To learn more about a campus visit call 800-824-5312 or visit the Oakwood Live web page (for college days registration details).

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