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Loma Linda University is a distinctive health sciences institution whose mission is to continue the healing and teaching ministry of Jesus Christ.  The University offers more that 200+ programs that are comprised of certifications, bachelors, masters, doctoral and professional degrees. These programs are offered throughout its eight schools.  Schools of; Allied Health Professions, Behavioral Health, Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Public Health, and Religion. Visit our campus.

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Loma Linda University Degrees and Majors

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Area of StudyProgram NameDegreeTypeLevelOn CampusOnline
Health SciencesAnatomyPHDDoctorateGraduateYesNo
Health SciencesBioethicsMAMastersGraduateYesNo
Health SciencesBiologyMSMastersGraduateYesNo
Health SciencesBiologyPHDDoctorateGraduateYesNo
Health SciencesCancer, Developmental and Regenerative BiologyMSMastersGraduateYesNo
Health SciencesCancer, Developmental and Regenerative BiologyPHDDoctorateGraduateYesNo
Health SciencesCardiac Electrophysiology TechnologyASAssociatesUndergraduateYesNo
Health SciencesChild Life SpecialistMSMastersGraduateYesNo
Health SciencesClinical Laboratory ScienceBSBachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
Health SciencesCommunication Sciences and Disorders (Comm Sci Transitional Program)MSMastersGraduateYesNo
Health SciencesCommunication Sciences and DisordersBSBachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
Health SciencesCommunication Sciences and DisordersMSMastersGraduateYesNo
Health SciencesComputed Tomography (CT) & Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)CERTCertificateGraduateYesNo
Health SciencesComputed Tomography (CT)CERTCertificateGraduateYesNo
Health SciencesCounselingMSMastersGraduateYesNo
Health SciencesCounseling MS and Marital & Family Therapy MS with Drug and Alcohol Counseling CertificateMSMastersGraduateYesNo
Law & Legal StudiesCriminal JusticeMSMastersGraduateYesNo
Health SciencesCytotechnologyBSBachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
DentistryDental HygieneBSBachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
DentistryDentistry/International Dentist ProgramDDSDoctorateGraduateYesNo
Health SciencesDiagnostic Cardiac SonographyCERTCertificateGraduateYesNo
Health SciencesDiagnostic Medical Sonography (Cardiac Sonography)BSBachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
Health SciencesDiagnostic Medical Sonography (General and Vascular Sonography)BSBachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
SciencesEarth SciencePHDDoctorateGraduateYesNo
Health SciencesEndodontics (27-month Track)FP-CERTMastersGraduateYesNo
Health SciencesEnvironmental SciencesBSBachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
Health SciencesEpidemiologyMPHMastersGraduateYesNo
Health SciencesEpidemiologyPHDDoctorateGraduateYesNo
SciencesGeology (27-month Track)MSMastersGraduateYesNo
SciencesGeology (36-month Track)MSMastersGraduateYesNo
Health SciencesGerontologyMSMastersGraduateYesNo
Health SciencesGlobal HealthMPHMastersGraduateYesNo
Health SciencesHealth Education and Wellness CoachingMPHMastersGraduateYesNo
Health SciencesHealth InformaticsMSMastersGraduateYesNo
Health SciencesHealth Information AdministrationBSBachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
Health SciencesHealth Information AdministrationCERTCertificateGraduateYesNo
Health SciencesHealth Policy and LeadershipDRPHDoctorateGraduateYesNo
Health SciencesHealth Professions EducationMSMastersGraduateYesNo
Health SciencesHealth Professions EducationPB-CERTCertificateGraduateYesNo
Health SciencesHealth-Care AdministrationMHAMastersGraduateYesNo
Health SciencesImplant DentistryFP-CERTMastersGraduateYesNo
Health SciencesInfection, Immunity, and InflammationMSMastersGraduateYesNo
Health SciencesInfection, Immunity, and InflammationPHDDoctorateGraduateYesNo
Health SciencesIntegrated Biomedical Graduate StudiesPHDDoctorateGraduateYesNo
Health SciencesMagnetic Resonance Imaging/MRICERTCertificateGraduateYesNo
Health SciencesMarital & Family TherapyMSMastersGraduateYesNo
Health SciencesMedical Dosimetry (Med Dosimetry/BS Physics Track)CERTCertificateGraduateYesNo
Health SciencesMedical Dosimetry (Med Dosimetry/Rad Therapy Track)CERTCertificateGraduateYesNo
Health SciencesMedical RadiographyASAssociatesUndergraduateYesNo
Health SciencesMedical ScientistPHDDoctorateGraduateYesNo
Health SciencesMedicineMDDoctorateGraduateYesNo
SciencesNatural SciencesMSMastersGraduateYesNo
Health SciencesNeuroscience, Systems Biology, and BioengineeringMSMastersGraduateYesNo
Health SciencesNeuroscience, Systems Biology, and BioengineeringPHDDoctorateGraduateYesNo
Health SciencesNuclear Medicine Technology (ARRT Certified)BSBachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
Health SciencesNuclear Medicine Technology (Not ARRT Certified)BSBachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
NursingNursing (Nurse Anesthesia)DNPDoctorateGraduateYesNo
NursingNursing (Nurse Educator: Adult and Gerontology)MSMastersGraduateYesNo
NursingNursing (Nurse Educator: Obstetrics and Pediatrics)MSMastersGraduateYesNo
NursingNursing (Nursing Administration)MSMastersGraduateYesNo
Health SciencesNutrition (Coordinated Program in Public Health Nutrition and Dietetics)MPHMastersGraduateYesNo
Health SciencesNutrition and Dietetics (Coordinated Program in Dietetics & MS)BSBachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
Health SciencesNutrition and Dietetics (Coordinated Program in Dietetics & MS)MSMastersGraduateYesNo
Health SciencesNutrition and Dietetics (Post Didactic Program in Dietetics)MSMastersGraduateYesNo
Health SciencesNutrition and Dietetics (Post-RD certification)MSMastersGraduateYesNo
Health SciencesNutrition and Dietetics (Prior bachelor's degree in a non-nutrition major)MSMastersGraduateYesNo
Health SciencesNutrition and DieteticsBSBachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
Health SciencesNutritionPHDDoctorateGraduateYesNo
Health SciencesOccupational Therapy (Entry-Level MOT/Prior BS)MOTMastersGraduateYesNo
Health SciencesOral and Maxillofacial Surgery (MD/OMFS Combined Program)FP-CERTMastersGraduateYesNo
Health SciencesOrthodontics and Dentofacial OrthopedicsMSMastersGraduateYesNo
Health SciencesOrthotics and Prosthetics (Entry-level)OPMSOPMastersGraduateYesNo
Health SciencesOrthotics and Prosthetics (Entry-level/Prior BS)OPMSOPMastersGraduateYesNo
Health SciencesPathologists' AssistantMHSMastersGraduateYesNo
Health SciencesPediatric DentistryFP-CERTMastersGraduateYesNo
Health SciencesPeriodonticsFP-CERTMastersGraduateYesNo
Health SciencesPharmacyPHARMDDoctorateGraduateYesNo
Health SciencesPhlebotomyCERTCertificateGraduateYesNo
Health SciencesPhysical Therapist AssistantASAssociatesUndergraduateYesNo
Health SciencesPhysical Therapy (DPT Entry-Level/Prior BS)DPTDoctorateGraduateYesNo
Health SciencesPhysical Therapy (Post-Professional DPT (prior BS in PT))DPTDoctorateGraduateYesNo
Health SciencesPhysical Therapy (Post-Professional DPT (Prior MPT))DPTDoctorateGraduateYesNo
Health SciencesPhysical TherapyPHDDoctorateGraduateYesNo
Health SciencesPhysician AssistantMPAMastersGraduateYesNo
Health SciencesPolysomnographyCERTCertificateGraduateYesNo
Health SciencesPopulation MedicineMPHMastersGraduateYesNo
Health SciencesPreventive CareDRPHDoctorateGraduateYesNo
Health SciencesProsthodonticsFP-CERTMastersGraduateYesNo
PsychologyPsychology PhD (Clinical)PHDDoctorateGraduateYesNo
PsychologyPsychology PsyD (Clinical)PSYDDoctorateGraduateYesNo
Health SciencesRadiation Therapy Technology (ARRT Certified)BSBachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
Health SciencesRadiation Therapy Technology (Not ARRT Certified)BSBachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
Health SciencesRehabilitation SciencePHDDoctorateGraduateYesNo
Theology/ReligionReligion and SocietyMAMastersGraduateYesNo
Health SciencesRespiratory Care (Entry-level)BSBachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
Health SciencesSchool Counseling CertificatePM-CERTCertificateGraduateYesNo
Health SciencesSocial Welfare & Social Research PhDPHDDoctorateGraduateYesNo
Social Work & Family StudiesSocial Work MSWMSWMastersGraduateYesNo
Social Work & Family StudiesSocial Work MSW and Criminal Justice MS (Combined)MSWMastersGraduateYesNo
Social Work & Family StudiesSocial Work MSW and Gerontology MS (Combined)MSWMastersGraduateYesNo
Health SciencesSpecial Imaging: Cardiac and Vascular ImagingCERTCertificateGraduateYesNo
Health SciencesSystems, Families, and Couples PhDPHDDoctorateGraduateYesNo
Health SciencesComputed Tomography (CT)CERTCertificateGraduateNoYes
Health SciencesDrug & Alcohol Counseling CertificatePB-CERTCertificateGraduateNoYes
Health SciencesEpidemiologyMPHMastersGraduateNoYes
Health SciencesHealth Education and Wellness CoachingMPHMastersGraduateNoYes
Health SciencesHealth EducationDRPHDoctorateGraduateNoYes
Health SciencesHealth Geoinformatics, PPB-CERTCertificateGraduateNoYes
Health SciencesHealth InformaticsMSMastersGraduateNoYes
Health SciencesHealth Information AdministrationBSBachelorsUndergraduateNoYes
Health SciencesHealth Information AdministrationCERTCertificateGraduateNoYes
Health SciencesHealth Policy and LeadershipDRPHDoctorateGraduateNoYes
Health SciencesHealth Professions EducationMSMastersGraduateNoYes
Health SciencesHealth-Care AdministrationBSBachelorsUndergraduateNoYes
Health SciencesHealth-Care AdministrationMHAMastersGraduateNoYes
Health SciencesMarital & Family Therapy DMFTDMFTDoctorateGraduateNoYes
Health SciencesNursing (Acute Care Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioner)DNPDoctorateGraduateNoYes
Health SciencesNursing (Acute Care Pediatric Nurse Practitioner)DNPDoctorateGraduateNoYes
Health SciencesNursing (Clinical Nurse Specialist: Adult-Gerontology)DNPDoctorateGraduateNoYes
Health SciencesNursing (Family Nurse Practitioner)DNPDoctorateGraduateNoYes
Health SciencesNursing (MS to DNP)DNPDoctorateGraduateNoYes
Health SciencesNursing (Primary Care Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioner)DNPDoctorateGraduateNoYes
Health SciencesNursing (Primary Care Pediatric Nurse Practitioner)DNPDoctorateGraduateNoYes
Health SciencesNursing (Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner)DNPDoctorateGraduateNoYes
Health SciencesNursing (RN to BS Curriculum)BSBachelorsUndergraduateNoYes
Health SciencesOccupational Therapy (Post-Professional)OTDDoctorateGraduateNoYes
Health SciencesPlay Therapy CertificatePM-CERTCertificateGraduateNoYes
Health SciencesPopulation MedicineMPHMastersGraduateNoYes
Health SciencesPreventive CareDRPHDoctorateGraduateNoYes
Health SciencesRadiation SciencesBSBachelorsUndergraduateNoYes
Health SciencesRadiation SciencesMSRSMastersGraduateNoYes
Health SciencesRadiologist AssistantMSRSMastersGraduateNoYes
Health SciencesRespiratory Care (Post-Prof BS in Resp Care)BSBachelorsUndergraduateNoYes
Health SciencesRespiratory CareMSRCMastersGraduateNoYes
Social Work & Family StudiesSocial Work DSW – Hybrid OnlineDSWDoctorateGraduateHybridHybrid
Social Work & Family StudiesSocial Work MSW – Hybrid OnlineMSWMastersGraduateHybridHybrid
Health SciencesSpeech-Language PathologySLPDDoctorateGraduateNoYes
Area of StudyProgram NameDegreeTypeLevelOn CampusOnline

Loma Linda University intramurals:

  • Flag football (M/F/co-rec)
  • Basketball (M/F/co-rec)
  • Softball (co-rec)
  • Volleyball (M/F/co-rec)
  • Innertube water polo (co-rec)
  • Indoor soccer
  • Full field soccer
  • Dodgeball (co-rec)
  • Short-field soccer (F/co-rec)
  • Softball (M/co-rec)
  • Beach volleyball (M/co-rec)
  • Kickball (co-rec)
  • Badminton
  • Tennis

Loma Linda University intercollegiate teams:

  • N/A

Loma Linda University gymnastics:

  • N/A

Loma Linda University athletic scholarships:

  • N/A

Loma Linda University fitness and recreation facility highlights:

  • The Drayson Center—fitness center
  • Weight room
  • Two pools—one open year round
  • Three basketball courts
  • Tennis courts
  • Beach/sand volleyball courts
  • ½ mile soft track outside
  • 1/10 of a mile indoor track
  • Racquetball courts
  • Personal trainers
  • Soccer fields
  • Softball fields
  • Many miles of running and cycling trails near school

What’s the best major to take to get into LLU?

With over 200 health science programs LLU accepts students from virtually every undergraduate major. Students pursuing a degree at LLU should choose a major that best fits his/her strengths and interests. The student must also take any prerequisites and satisfy any requirements for their selected LLU program. Please refer to explore.llu.edu for up to date prerequisite information.

What GPA do I need to have to get into LLU?

It depends on the program and how competitive the program is. It is important to understand the difference between a minimum GPA, an average GPA, and a competitive GPA. Competitive GPA’s can change every cycle. Students are strongly encouraged to contact their program of interest for up-to-date information or explore.llu.edu as soon as possible.

  1. Minimum GPA – the lowest GPA the program will consider for an application.
  2. Average GPA – the average GPA of a cohort group for any given cycle.
  3. Competitive GPA – the GPA that identifies the applicant for serious consideration among other applicants in the same cycle.

What is LLU looking for in a student?

The all-around package i.e.: team player, leader, service/mission oriented, academically competitive, integrity, understands our Aim and Mission, and has a passion for the “profession.”

What’s the best SDA college/university to attend to get into LLU?

LLU does NOT prefer one SDA College or university to another. Any statement contrary to this simply isn’t true! The SDA college or university that fits the student’s needs and interests is best.

Does LLU have a quota from each SDA college/university?

NO! All students are accepted on an individual basis. Each program/degree has varying requirements for prerequisites and GPA. Please check with the school/ department or LLU’s Explore site at explore.llu.edu to receive the most current information.

Does LLU give priority to SDA students?

Yes, however the student NEEDS to perform at a competitive level required by the program. Being an SDA student does not guarantee acceptance.

Do we give priority to students coming from SDA colleges/universities?

Yes. The student, however, must be at a competitive level as stated above. Students who have attended an SDA institution have experienced the SDA culture, have demonstrated their commitment to SDA education, and desire to further the teaching and healing ministry of Jesus Christ.

What’s the advantage of going to an SDA college/ university?

  1. LLU is committed to supporting, encouraging, and continuing Seventh-day Adventist Christian education. Because of this, our desire when possible, is to accept students who have attended/graduated from our sister SDA colleges and universities.
  2. LLU visits all SDA college/universities multiple times a year giving interviews, assisting with advising, and sharing pertinent information with students on how best to apply and enroll at LLU.
  3. LLU updates advisors on all SDA university/ college campuses on a regular basis with information for specific programs, which are shared with prospective students.
  4. Because we have a network of Adventist education professionals, information can be passed on quickly and easily to the appropriate students interested in attending LLU. For the students at SDA college/ universities this is a very big advantage because they are getting the most current information from their professors/advisors before students at non- SDA college/universities would receive it.

Click here to download a PDF of these questions and answers.

Loma Linda University, located in Southern California, offers 200+ degrees and certificate programs in its Schools of Allied Health Professions, Behavioral Health, Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Public Health, and Religion.  Founded in 1905, Loma Linda University educates over 4,000 students each year with 30,000 alumni serving around the world.

Loma Linda University is strictly dedicated to healthcare education. Therefore to be eligible for admission, applicants must first complete appropriate prerequisite classes. Taking these classes at one of our sister Seventh-day Adventist colleges or universities is always desirable. Please download answers to frequently asked enrollment questions here.

At Loma Linda University, our mission is to further the healing and teaching ministry of Jesus Christ, “to make man whole” by:

  • Educating ethical and proficient Christian health professionals and scholars through instruction, example and the pursuit of truth;
  • Expanding knowledge through research in the biological, behavioral, physical and environmental sciences and applying this knowledge to health and disease through basic and applied research in the biological and behavioral sciences;
  • Providing comprehensive, competent and compassionate healthcare for the whole person through faculty, students and alumni.

Please download answers to frequently asked enrollment questions or visit our web site for more information.


Learn more about Loma Linda University! You are welcome to visit our campus! To set up your visit, call 909-558-8161 or email [email protected].

High school seniors, since Loma Linda University only admits students who have completed college pre-requisites or a bachelor’s degree at another college or university (no freshmen accepted), you can click here to start your FREE online application today to the other 12 regionally accredited Adventist colleges and universities in North America or visit our web site for more information.

Loma Linda University is a distinctive health sciences institution whose mission is to continue the healing and teaching ministry of Jesus Christ.  The University offers more that 200+ programs that are comprised of certifications, bachelors, masters, doctoral and professional degrees. These programs are offered throughout its eight schools.  Schools of; Allied Health Professions, Behavioral Health, Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Public Health, and Religion. Visit our campus.