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You have big dreams. Under a big sky, surrounded by big family, fueled by big opportunities—Walla Walla University is positioned to prepare you for your launch. WWU students join a family when they decide to study here. Our small, private, liberal arts university fosters genuine connection. And our residential campus means you’re within walking distance to community. During the week we chase our curiosities to expand our knowledge and learn. On the weekend we play, rest, and worship together. You are made for this. But don’t take our word for it—come see for yourself! Schedule a visit and we’ll cover the cost. Visit our campus or apply now free!



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Walla Walla University Undergraduate Degrees and Majors

  • Art (BA)
  • Art, Fine Art (BA)
  • Art, Illustration (BA)
  • Automotive Management (BS)
  • Automotive Service (BS)
  • Automotive Technology (AS)
  • Aviation Management (BS)
  • Aviation Technology (AS)
  • Aviation Technology (BS)
  • Biblical Languages (BA)
  • Biochemistry (BS)
  • Bioengineering (BS)
  • Biology (BS)
  • Biophysics (BS)
  • Business (AS)
  • Business Administration (BA)
  • Business Administration (BBA)
  • Business Administration (BS)
  • Business Administration, Accounting (BBA)
  • Business Administration, Entrepreneurship and Small Business (BBA)
  • Business Administration, Finance (BBA)
  • Business Administration, Management (BBA)
  • Business Administration, Marketing (BBA)
  • Chemistry (BA)
  • Chemistry (BS)
  • Communications (BA)
  • Communications, Film and Television (BA)
  • Communications, Journalism and Public Relations (BA)
  • Computer Science (BA)
  • Computer Science (BS)
  • Dentistry (Pre-Professional)
  • Elementary Education (BS)
  • Engineering (BSE)
  • Engineering, Bioengineering (BSE)
  • Engineering, Bioengineering with Global Humanitarian (BSE)
  • Engineering, Civil Engineering (BSE)
  • Engineering, Civil Engineering with Global Humanitarian (BSE)
  • Engineering, Civil/Mechanical (BSE)
  • Engineering, Computer Engineering (BSE)
  • Engineering, Computer Engineering with Globial Humanitarian (BSE)
  • Engineering, Computer/Electrical (BSE)
  • Engineering, Electrical Engineering (BSE)
  • Engineering, Electrical Engineering with Global Humanitarian (BSE)
  • Engineering, Electrical/Mechanical (BSE)
  • Engineering, Mechanical Engineering (BSE)
  • Engineering, Mechanical Engineering with Global Humanitarian (BSE)
  • English (BA)
  • English, Writing (BA)
  • Forensic Psychology (BS)
  • French (BA)
  • Graphic Communications (AS)
  • Graphic Design (BS)
  • Health Promotion (BS)
  • Health Science (BS)
  • History (BA)
  • Humanities (BA)
  • Humanities, English (BA)
  • Humanities, History (BA)
  • Humanities, Languages (BA)
  • Humanities, Philosophy (BA)
  • Humanities, Religious Studies (BA)
  • Information Systems (BS)
  • International Communication (BA)
  • International Communication, Francophone (BA)
  • International Communication, Hispanic (BA)
  • International Development (BS)
  • Law (Pre-Professional)
  • Mathematics (BA)
  • Mathematics (BS)
  • Mathematics, Actuarial Studies (BS)
  • Mathematics, Applied Mathematics (BS)
  • Mathematics, Preparation for Graduate Studies (BS)
  • Mathematics, Preparation for Secondary Teaching (BS)
  • Medical Radiography (Pre-Professional)
  • Medicine (Pre-Professional)
  • Music (BA)
  • Music Education (BMus)
  • Music Education, Choral Emphasis (BMus)
  • Music Education, Instrumental Emphasis (BMus)
  • Music Education, Keyboard Emphasis (BMus)
  • Music Performance (BMus)
  • Music Performance, Instrumental (BMus)
  • Music Performance, Organ (BMus)
  • Music Performance, Piano (BMus)
  • Music Performance, Voice (BMus)
  • Nursing (BS)
  • Occupational Therapy (Pre-Professional)
  • Optometry (Pre-Professional)
  • Orthotics and Prosthetics (Pre-Professional)
  • Pharmacy (Pre-Professional)
  • Physical Education (BS)
  • Physical Education, Fitness Management (BS)
  • Physical Education, Preparation for Teaching (BS)
  • Physical Therapy Assistant (Pre-Professional)
  • Physician Assistant (Pre-Professional)
  • Physics (BS)
  • Pre-Dental Hygiene (AS)
  • Pre-Nutrition and Dietetics (AS)
  • Pre-Physical Therapy (AS)
  • Pre-Speech Pathology and Audiology (AS)
  • Product Design (BS)
  • Psychology (BA)
  • Psychology (BS)
  • Religion (BA)
  • Social Work (BSW)
  • Sociology (BA)
  • Spanish (BA)
  • Theology (BA)
  • Veterinary Science (Pre-Professional)

Learn more about Walla Walla University graduate degrees here.


  • Football, basketball, softball, soccer, volleyball, floor hockey, tennis, racquetball, ping pong, pickelball, and spikeball
  • Tournaments: ping pong, tennis

Walla Walla University Wolves intercollegiate teams (sport, gender, league):

  • Basketball (M/F, NAIA/CCC)
  • Golf (M/F, NAIA/CCC)
  • Soccer (M, NAIA/CCC)
  • Softball (F, NAIA/CCC)
  • Volleyball (F, NAIA/CCC)


  • N/A

Athletic scholarships:

  • Minimal

Sports and fitness facility highlights:

  • Fitness center
  • Soccer complex
  • Softball complex
  • Gym
  • Rock climbing wall
  • Pool
  • Aerobics studio
  • Racquetball courts
  • Tennis courts
  • Beach volleyball
  • Ping pong
  • Track
  • Tumbling gym


Nestled against beautiful Pacific Northwest mountains, Walla Walla University isn’t just your research lab, it’s your outdoor paradise. The Pacific Northwest houses some of the greatest natural wonders of the world and in this clean, green paradise, our students enjoy proximity to both urban and remote adventure landscapes. Our campus is a vibrant learning community dedicated to Seventh-day Adventist values and ideals. We are committed to excellence in thought, generosity in service, beauty in expression and faith in God.

 Expand your thinking

Collaborate with world-class faculty at a fully-accredited university to expand your thinking and experience life-changing ideas that will inspire you to live the life you imagine. Learn in the context of faith from faculty who will prepare you to speak intelligently from a Christian perspective in a secularized world. See the kinds of programs we offer >

Connect with God

You’ll find a faith family at WWU where you can grow in your spiritual walk with support from the University Church, the School of Theology, the Chaplain’s Office, and caring faculty and staff. You’ll experience genuine community and interactions with others who are on a similar journey walking with God. Our mission is to magnify the love of Jesus in our hearts, on our campus, and to our world. Every day you have access to a new worship opportunity, view the list >

 Engage in service

At WWU, you will find opportunities to use your unique skills and abilities in service that will help you grow and find a new sense of self-esteem while you relieve suffering and contribute to the wellbeing of others. Practicing kindness is part of the culture at WWU. Beyond local service opportunities, each year dozens of our students choose to serve around the world as teachers, deans, humanitarian aides, and orphanage helpers. Student missionaries return from their experiences with stronger leadership skills, clearer goals, and more determined lives. Learn about student missions at WWU >

 Get involved

ASWWU—the Associated Students of Walla Walla University—is the highly active, organized, and vibrant community that works to improve the lives of all WWU students. ASWWU operates 10 departments and is the largest employer of students on campus. Working for ASWWU can help you gain experience and develop skills, such as project management, event planning, and fundraising, that will enhance your resume. You can also stretch and strengthen your leadership skills by running for an ASWWU office or by joining ASWWU Senate, the legislative branch of the student association. Learn more at aswwu.com >

 Make an investment

With planning and persistence, a Christian education can be within your reach. Over 80% of WWU students qualify for financial aid.  Talk with our financial counsellors about how to make an education at WWU financially possible. Visit sfs.wallawalla.edu for more information >

 See for yourself

Give us your time and we’ll give you a firsthand look at Walla Walla University. Attend classes, talke to our professors, and connect with our students—plus, meet people who can help with finances, employment, admissions, student life, and more. Your visit is personalized so you’ll have ample to to explore your interests and get your questions answered. And your stay is on us! Schedule your visit at wallawalla.edu/visit >

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Come See For Yourself! Visiting WWU will give you the best feel of the campus. We can even help with travel costs. To schedule a visit, call (800) 541-8900 or email Guest Relations at guestrelations@wallawalla.edu.

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