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Located in the gorgeous, world-famous Napa Valley, just 75 miles north of San Francisco, Pacific Union College is a vibrant and Christ-centered community where you’ll discover and prepare for your calling. For more than 130 years, PUC has produced creative, socially responsive graduates who are ready to represent Christ in a vast and changing world. We’re committed to providing an excellent and affordable Christian education that prepares students for a lifetime of service in a career of their choice. Visit our campus or apply now free!


Pacific Union College campus, Napa Valley, California
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Pacific Union College Degrees and Majors

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Area of StudyProgram NameDegreeTypeLevelOn CampusOnline
BusinessBusiness AdministrationBABachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
BusinessBusiness AdministrationBSBachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
CommunicationCommunication, Communication StudiesBSBachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
CommunicationCommunication, Marketing CommunicationBSBachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
CommunicationCommunication, Multimedia JournalismBSBachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
Computer & Information SciencesComputer Information SystemsBSBachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
EducationEarly Childhood EducationASAssociatesUndergraduateYesNo
EducationEarly Childhood EducationBSBachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
EducationElementary Teaching CredentialCREDCredentialUndergraduateYesNo
BusinessEmergency ManagementBSBachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
BusinessEmergency ServicesASAssociatesUndergraduateYesNo
EngineeringEngineering - Transfer ProgramBSEBachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
EnglishEnglish, British and American LiteratureBABachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
EnglishEnglish, EducationBABachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
EnglishEnglish, WritingBABachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
Community/International DevelopmentEnvironmental StudiesBSBachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
Health SciencesExercise ScienceBSBachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
CommunicationFilm and Television ProductionBABachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
CommunicationFilm and Television ProductionBFABachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
CommunicationFilm and TV, TechnicalASAssociatesUndergraduateYesNo
CommunicationFilm and TV, WritingASAssociatesUndergraduateYesNo
ArtsFine ArtBABachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
ArtsFine ArtBFABachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
ArtsGraphic DesignASAssociatesUndergraduateYesNo
ArtsGraphic DesignBABachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
ArtsGraphic DesignBFABachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
Health SciencesHealth CommunicationBSBachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
Health SciencesHealth SciencesASAssociatesUndergraduateYesNo
Health SciencesHealthcare ManagementBBABachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
HistoryHistory, American HistoryBABachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
HistoryHistory, European HistoryBABachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
HistoryHistory, Political Studies and EthicsBSBachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
BusinessInternational BusinessBBABachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
Language & International StudiesLanguage and Culture Studies, ArabicBABachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
Language & International StudiesLanguage and Culture Studies, FrenchBABachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
Language & International StudiesLanguage and Culture Studies, GermanBABachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
Language & International StudiesLanguage and Culture Studies, ItalianBABachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
Language & International StudiesLanguage and Culture Studies, PortugueseBABachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
Language & International StudiesLanguage and Culture Studies, SpanishBABachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
EducationLiberal StudiesBSBachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
BusinessManagement For Medical ProfessionalsBSBachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
MusicMusic, CompositionBSBachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
MusicMusic, K-12 Teacher TrainingBSBachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
MusicMusic, Music SpecialistBSBachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
Health SciencesNursingASNAssociatesUndergraduateYesNo
Health SciencesNursingBSNBachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
EducationPhysical Education, Teacher EducationBSBachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
Pre-Professional ProgramsPre-Art TherapyPPBachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
Pre-Professional ProgramsPre-Cardiac Electrophysiology TechnologyPPBachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
Pre-Professional ProgramsPre-Chiropractic MedicinePPBachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
Pre-Professional ProgramsPre-Clinical Laboratory SciencesPPBachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
Pre-Professional ProgramsPre-Communication Sciences - Speech PathologyPPBachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
Pre-Professional ProgramsPre-CytotechnologyPPBachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
Pre-Professional ProgramsPre-Dental HygienePPBachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
Pre-Professional ProgramsPre-DentistryPPBachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
Pre-Professional ProgramsPre-Health Administration InformationPPBachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
Pre-Professional ProgramsPre-LawPPBachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
Pre-Professional ProgramsPre-Medical RadiographyPPBachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
Pre-Professional ProgramsPre-MedicinePPBachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
Pre-Professional ProgramsPre-Nuclear MedicinePPBachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
Pre-Professional ProgramsPre-Nutrition and Dietetic SciencesPPBachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
Pre-Professional ProgramsPre-Occupational TherapyPPBachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
Pre-Professional ProgramsPre-OptometryPPBachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
Pre-Professional ProgramsPre-Orthotics and ProstheticsPPBachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
Pre-Professional ProgramsPre-Osteopathic MedicinePPBachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
Pre-Professional ProgramsPre-Pathologists’ AssistantPPBachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
Pre-Professional ProgramsPre-PharmacyPPBachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
Pre-Professional ProgramsPre-Physical TherapyPPBachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
Pre-Professional ProgramsPre-Physical Therapy AssistingPPBachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
Pre-Professional ProgramsPre-Physician’s AssistantPPBachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
Pre-Professional ProgramsPre-Public HealthPPBachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
Pre-Professional ProgramsPre-Radiation SciencesPPBachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
Pre-Professional ProgramsPre-Respiratory CarePPBachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
Pre-Professional ProgramsPre-Veterinary MedicinePPBachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
Theology/ReligionReligion, Biblical StudiesBABachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
Theology/ReligionReligion, Christian CommunicationBABachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
Theology/ReligionReligion, Health ProfessionsBABachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
Theology/ReligionReligion, MissionsBABachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
EducationSecondary Teaching CredentialsCREDCredentialUndergraduateYesNo
Social SciencesSocial StudiesBSBachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
Social Work & Family StudiesSocial WorkBSWBachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
Language & International StudiesSpanish StudiesBABachelorsUndergraduateYesNo
BusinessBusiness AdministrationMBAMastersGraduateNoYes
Area of StudyProgram NameDegreeTypeLevelOn CampusOnline

Pacific Union College intramurals:

  • Ultimate frisbee, floor hockey, volleyball, badminton, futsal, basketball, flag football, softball, baseball

Pacific Union College Pioneers intercollegiate teams (sport, gender, league):

  • Basketball (M/F, Cal Pac NAIA)
  • Cross country (M/F, Cal Pac NAIA)
  • Soccer (M, Cal Pac NAIA)
  • Volleyball (F, Cal Pac NAIA)

Pacific Union College gymnastics:

  • N/A

Pacific Union College athletic scholarships:

  • Yes, up to $5,000

Pacific Union College sports and fitness facility highlights:

  • Gym
  • Weight room
  • Cardio center
  • Soccer field
  • Paved track
  • Softball fields
  • Baseball field
  • Tennis courts
  • Swimming pool
  • Acres of mountain bike trails

Located in the gorgeous, world-famous Napa Valley, just 75 miles north of San Francisco, Pacific Union College is a vibrant and Christ-centered community where you’ll discover and prepare for your calling. For over 130 years, PUC has produced creative, socially responsive graduates who are ready to represent Christ in a vast and changing world. In our 70+ areas of study, we combine rigorous academics with a Seventh-day Adventist worldview. Our professors excel as scholars and authors, committed to teaching, mentoring and the highest levels of Christian scholarship.  From pre-medical sciences to innovative programs like healthcare management, film and television, software development, emergency services, and aviation, a PUC education empowers students to serve the Church and impact the world for Christ. Study abroad programs, mission trips and local community involvement rounds out the overall PUC experience. The campus supports a vibrant spiritual and social community—a perfect environment for fostering relationships that will last through life and into eternity.

Outstanding Academics

PUC offers over 70 different majors from a variety of fields to choose from, and our top five majors are biology, business, nursing, psychology and social work, and visual arts. With a 13:1 student-teacher ratio, you’ll never be just another face in a crowded classroom. We are the only Adventist college or university recognized as a National Liberal Arts College by U.S. News & World Report . A high percentage of our graduates are accepted into the nation’s leading medical, professional, and graduate programs, including Harvard, Yale, and UCLA.

Make an Impact

Our students strive to make a difference not only globally, but locally as well. Whether you have an afternoon, weekend, week, or even a year to give, there’s a plenty of ways you can get involved and help others:

  • Over 1,340 PUC students have served as missionaries around the world
  • Every Sabbath, Homeless Ministries visits local areas in need
  • REVO, a student-run organization, has raised over $36k since 2008 for various humanitarian organizations
  • This year, PUC students will go to Fiji, Nicaragua, and the Amazon for week-long mission trips

You Can Afford It

We know it can be overwhelming to think about how to pay for college, but we’re doing our part to help make Christian higher education affordable!

  • Each year, PUC awards $38 million in financial aid to our students
  • Most PUC scholarships renew for four years
  • 100% of our students receive financial aid
  • The average out-of-pocket payment for students is around $6,656

Location, Location, Location

Imagine living in a world famous vacation destination spot that’s sunny an average of 262 days a year! PUC is located atop Howell Mountain in the heart of the Napa Valley. Everywhere you look, you’ll find breathtaking views and lots of interesting things to do.

  • Explore PUC’s unique hiking and biking trails
  • Head to nearby St. Helena or Calistoga for lunch and window shopping
  • Spend the day in San Francisco visiting Fisherman’s Wharf, taking a trolley ride, or watching a game from one of the many championship sports teams

See For Yourself

Come visit Pacific Union College! We think spending time on our beautiful campus is the best way to find out whether we’re the right fit for you.

  • Talk with a professor in the area you’re interested in
  • Tour the campus with a Student Ambassador
  • Meet with an Enrollment Counselor for advice on your next steps
  • Learn how PUC can be affordable from a Financial Counselor


You are invited to visit Pacific Union College! To set up your visit, call (800) 862-7080 or email [email protected]

High school seniors, click here to start your FREE online application today or visit our web site for more information.