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Tips for Working With the Financial Aid Office

Meeting all the deadlines and navigating the maze of financial paperwork required to enroll in college can feel overwhelming to students and their families. But be of good courage! The Adventist colleges are very interested in making this process work as easily and smoothly as possible. They want you to succeed and receive as much help as possible.

Here are a few tips for working with the financial aid office:

  • Approach the process with a positive attitude.
  • Start the process as early as you can.
  • If possible, complete requirements or turn in documents several days ahead of important deadlines. Never miss a deadline.
  • Build a good relationship with your financial advisor.
  • Provide your advisor with easy ways to contact you, and find out the best way for you to contact your advisor (phone, email, IM, etc.).
  • Keep in mind that your financial advisor really does want to help you but is often limited by state and federal rules and regulations.
  • Be responsive to requests for additional documentation.
  • Keep copies of forms you submit in case, for any reason, you need to refer to them or resubmit them.
  • If you have a special situation, such as the recent loss of a job, or any other event that has significantly impacted your financial situation, let your advisor know.
  • If you wait until the last minute to make financial arrangements, realize that the entire process will take longer. Be patient.