Mission, Service and Worship

It is one thing to preach your faith but another to practice your faith. The staff and advisors at SDA universities believe it is important for students to demonstrate their faith in everyday life through mission, service and worship opportunities. Each SDA college features campus ministries offices to help you discover ways to put your faith into action–on or off campus.


Experience Worship

Take a stroll through one of the SDA colleges and you will notice faith in action. Students are encouraged to engage in prayer and Bible study groups wherever they feel the Spirit. If that place is the middle of campus, so be it. All Adventist colleges and universities want you to feel comfortable expressing your faith and strengthening your relationship with God inside and outside of the classroom.

Students at SDA colleges will discover opportunities to attend regular prayer sessions, sing praises in worship services, lend a helping hand to the community through volunteering, and attend evening vespers with classmates and professors. These activities improve your relationship within the community, among your peers, and between you and God.

In keeping with the beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, SDA colleges reserve Saturday (Sabbath) as a day of rest from the daily grind. Sabbaths are also an opportunity for students to strengthen their relationships with Jesus through worship, praise and prayer. All of the SDA universities accommodate this important belief by providing activities for growing in your faith.


Experience Mission

In addition to worship services, you have the opportunity to extend your faith across the globe. Imagine being given the rare chance to go overseas to help humanity. All Adventist colleges and universities strive to make opportunities like this happen for their students. You could spend an entire summer getting to know Jesus better through service and helping others.

You can choose from several opportunities to go on mission trips to affiliated Adventist colleges and universities all over the world! Spend time as a teacher, health assistant, librarian, business manager or technician. In every case, you benefit from the internal reward of helping others and growing in your faith while making lifelong friendships.

If you are not comfortable with international travel, explore the many ministry alternatives available around the United States or in your own area. One of the best parts of service is real-world experience. You will be able to grow and discover faith in new and exciting ways while helping others!

In some cases, when you complete your mission or service trip, you will have earned a great scholarship you can use toward your education at any of the SDA colleges the following year!


Experience Service

Seek and you shall find faith; find it and then live it. This belief does not stop outside the classroom and should not stop outside your school. Service to others is a big part of what a Seventh-day Adventist colleges and universities will help you discover.

SDA colleges help you find opportunities to regularly take part in activities like feeding the homeless, providing Christmas cheer to underprivileged children, helping the elderly with a home improvement project, or cleaning up after a tornado, hurricane or earthquake. You’ll have the chance to impact the world around you while earning your academic degree.


A big advantage of studying at an Adventist college or university is mission, service and worship experiences built right into your academic education. Don’t put your faith on hold while in college, put it into action!

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