Welcome High School Students!

Your path from high school to college is simpler than you think. Following is your checklist to start your college career and find your place at an Adventist college or university. Download the full College Prep Checklist here with detailed tasks for your freshman through senior years of high school.


Prioritize your education.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a freshman, senior, or somewhere in between, now is the time to focus on your studies. Your grades throughout high school can have an impact on your college admissions and scholarships, so study hard and keep up those grades! Opt for the college preparatory diploma, and ask your school if you are eligible to take any courses or pass an exam for college credit. Plan to take the SAT or ACT by the end of your junior year, and retest if you’d like to improve your scores. Then remember to send your high school transcripts and your test scores to the colleges and universities where you apply.

For more information see: Admissions


Fund your degree.

If you haven’t already, get serious about saving for your future. 82% of graduates from an Adventist college or university say the investment was worth it. Start by estimating your costs, then start making a plan to cover them. Look into scholarships including those from your local church, “off-campus,” and college or university scholarships. Communicate with your parents and work with them to complete the FAFSA in a timely manner.

For more information see: How to Pay for College


Discover your future career.

It may be hard to believe, but you won’t be in school forever. What do you hope to do next? Consider your passions, meet with a career or guidance counselor, and arrange to job shadow a professional in your area of interest. Find a mentor and ask input from people you trust. Explore your options, starting wide before narrowing in on any one major or career. Then, see which schools offer your desired major including undergraduate and graduate studies. It’s okay to change your major even after starting college, but careful planning now could save you time and money by preventing a mid-college degree change.

For more information see: Careers/Majors


Consider all of your college options.

The possibilities for continuing your education extend beyond the schools you currently know or are simply located close to home. Thirteen Adventist Colleges and Universities span across North America, each with unique strengths to meet a variety of students’ needs from associates through doctorate degrees. On Adventist campuses, you’ll find opportunities to grow physically through athletics, sports, and recreation, to connect with other students through campus clubs, and to thrive spiritually through mission and worship experiences. Experience the over 100 benefits of an Adventist education for yourself!

For more information see: Colleges and Universities


Narrow down your selections.

Use your career goals and personal priorities to narrow down your college selection. Visit your top college and university choices, ask questions, and be willing to receive feedback from the people you trust. Use the campus visit guide to schedule your campus visits directly with each college or university, and browse the campus visit tips for additional ideas to ensure a successful visit. If possible, attend a college fair near you to meet with representatives from each college all in one place.

For more information see: Campus Visits


Apply to your choice college(s).

Submit applications to the school(s) of your choice at the end of your junior year or early in your senior year. Apply to more than one if you’re still deciding. You can do that through this site with one application.

Seniors: Apply Now


Studying at an Adventist college or university could be the key to your future where purpose meets passion. Your path to college starts now. Remember to download and print the full College Prep Checklist.