Welcome Parents!

A college education is one of the largest investments your family will make for your child’s future. The following parents checklist will help you better understand the choices to be made and the options available for your child’s college education at an Adventist college or university.

For information specific to your child, direct your home school student here or direct your high school student here.


Know what to expect from a Seventh-day Adventist education.

Choosing a college is often the beginning of big life decisions your child will make as they enter into adulthood. Your and your family’s investment will make a difference for your child’s future. From what to do for a living to the importance and role that personal faith and belief will play in the future. Even the friends, and perhaps spouse, that your child will choose for the rest of his life could be found while in college. See what Adventist education is all about and read what other parents have to say. There are over a hundred reasons to choose an Adventist college. Which matter most to you?

For more information see: Why Adventist Education


Support your child’s academics and college admissions.

It doesn’t matter if your student is a freshman, senior, or somewhere in between, now is her time to focus on studies. High school grades can impact college admissions and scholarships, so encourage good study habits to keep up those grades. Your student will need to take the SAT or ACT by the end of junior year. Remember retesting is an option if scores need to be improved. Your student will need to send high school transcripts and test scores to the colleges and universities where she applies.

For more information see: Admissions


Complete the FAFSA and explore how to fund a college education.

82% of graduates from an Adventist college or university say the investment was worth it. Read more about what makes Adventist education a smart investment here. If you haven’t already, get serious about saving for your student’s future and encourage him to do the same. Even if you can’t fully fund your child’s college education, there is still plenty you can do to support him in financial planning.

Start by helping your student estimate costs and make a financial plan to cover them. Encourage your student to look into scholarships including those from your local church, “off-campus,” and college or university scholarships. You will also need to complete the FAFSA in a timely manner. Complete the FAFSA even if your student is independent or you aren’t personally able to contribute to your student’s college education.

For more information see: Paying for College


Mentor your child toward their future career.

Your child won’t be in school forever, so help her think about life beyond college. Ask her questions about what she hopes to do next. Encourage your student to consider her passions, meet with a career or guidance counselor, and connect with a professional in her area of interest. She might want to figure it out “on her own,” so encourage her to find a mentor and ask input from people she trusts.

As your student narrows down her desired program of study, help her see which schools offer her major including undergraduate and graduate studies. It’s okay to change majors even after starting college, but careful planning now could save time and money by preventing a mid-college degree change.

For more information see: Careers/Majors


Help your child find their place at college.

The possibilities for your student to continue his education extend beyond the school(s) located closest to home. Thirteen Adventist Colleges and Universities span across North America. Each campus offers unique strengths to meet a variety of students’ needs from associates through doctorate degrees. On Adventist campuses, your student will find opportunities to grow physically through athletics, sports, and recreation. To connect with other students through campus clubs. And to thrive spiritually through mission and worship experiences. Help your student find their spiritual fit and experience all the benefits of an Adventist education!

For more information see: Cheering Your Student Towards College


Plan visit(s) with your student and attend a college fair.

As your student narrows down his college selection, plan for him to visit his top college and university choices. Ask questions or remind him to do so if he’ll be visiting the school without you. Use the campus visit guide to schedule campus visits directly with each college or university. Then browse the campus visit tips for additional ideas to ensure a successful visit. If possible, have your student attend a college fair near you to meet with representatives from each college all in one place.

For more information see: Visiting Campus


Be available through the application and admissions process.

Your student should submit applications to the school(s) of her choice at the end of junior year or early in senior year. Applications can be sent to more than one school at a time through this site. That is especially helpful if your student is still deciding which college to attend.

Have your senior Apply here.


Studying at an Adventist college or university could be the key to your child’s future. Whatever support and encouragement you can offer in the process will help ensure your child’s success.

For information specific to your child, direct your home school student here or direct your high school student here.